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Iraqi Troops Enforcing “Rule of Law”

Iraqi Troops Enforcing “Rule of Law”

Saturday, April 07, 2007 5:32 PM

Another item to ponder.  The Leftinistra should be proud of the training our troops are giving the Iraqi People.  Haven’t the Leftinistra been whining about the absence of the Rule of Law?  Now that the trained troops are actually applying what they have learned AND IT IS WORKING, what is there to whine about?  Morons.

It and They Are Working

MOSUL, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces conducted security sweeps throughout Ninewa Province Tuesday and Wednesday, seizing black market fuel, illegal munitions, and bomb-making equipment and detaining suspected anti-Iraqi forces.

“The terrorist actions aim at creating disorder and destabilizing the situation in the city. God willing, we are going to uproot the terrorists from this city,” concluded Duraid Kashmoula, Ninewa’s provincial governor.
Kashmoula explained the senior leadership’s role and the need for the crackdown.

 “Today we have a Mosul-wide security operation that parallels the Baghdad Law Enforcement Plan and aims at preventing any saboteur or terrorist from gaining a foothold in Mosul. We realized that we have to participate [ISF] in the operation. We have noticed that the IA soldiers and IP officers are well deployed and are cooperative with each other; each based on its area of operation,” said Kashmoula.

IA soldiers from the 2nd and 3rd Iraqi Army Divisions supported IP officers in raiding suspected improvised explosive device factories, suspected illegal munitions caches and known insurgent hideouts both inside and outside the various city limits.

“Our roles – myself and the IP commander, along with the 2IA Division commander, are making tours to all the troops to look closely into their performance and style of dealing with the people,” Kashmoula added.

A total of 179 individuals were detained during the two-day sweep, eight terrorists were killed, and the ISF seized numerous small arms, ammunition, projectiles and IED-making material.

IP also seized hundreds of liters of black market fuel that will be utilized by the ISF in their generators and to fuel vehicles, allowing for increased patrols to provide security for the province’s cities, according to IP officials.
Coalition troops from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division aided the Iraqi patrols with vehicle and logistical support, to include air support.

The Iraqi troops are trying to further eliminate the following:

Twelve Iraqi civilians were killed and 43 were injured including one policeman after a suicide truck bomber detonated a vehicle suspected of containing chlorine in western Ramadi at approximately 11 a.m. today.

The attack occurred when a white truck approached an Iraqi Police checkpoint in the Ta’meem district of Ramadi at a high rate of speed. The police standing guard attempted to signal the driver, but he did not stop, forcing the officers to engage the vehicle with small arms fire. It is unclear whether the police gunfire caused the vehicle to explode or if the driver detonated it.  Coalition Forces arrived after the explosion to assist in the medical evacuation and set up security around the blast site.

The injured were evacuated to a local hospital as well as Coalition medical facility for initial treatment. Urgent casualties were further evacuated to a larger military facility for more extensive care.

Perhaps if the Leftinistra spent their “valuable time” actually supporting the efforts instead of enabling our enemies,  we would win all that much sooner.  Morons.

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Growing Confidence In Iraqi Security Forces

Growing Confidence In Iraqi Security Forces

Saturday, April 07, 2007 5:22 PM

Imagine that.  The “things of interest” that the Leftinistra USED to whine about and now discount and/or ignore are coming to fruition.  Imagine that.  The Leftinistra on the WRONG side AGAIN!!

We Have Taught Them Well


FOB KALSU, Iraq – Fixed wing aircraft conducted an air strike against armed militia men in Diwaniyah April 7.

Iraqi Army and coalition forces as part of Operation Black Eagle used a strategic air strike to defend against illegally armed militia men using shoulder-fired rocket propelled grenades.

IA personnel were informed by local residents, through a tip line, of militia men employing RPGs in the area.

IA made positive identification of the militia men and called for the air strike.

The incident highlights the growing confidence the people of Diwaniyah are having with the Iraqi Security Force as seen in this indication of popular support through use of the local tip line.

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Wrong-Way Leftinistra…as usual

Wrong-Way Leftinistra…as usual

Saturday, April 07, 2007 5:11 PM

What if the Leftinistra were in power in 1776?

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General Moonbat Pelosi

General Moonbat Pelosi

Saturday, April 07, 2007 5:06 PM


Exactly.  She is NOT the president and has NO business defining US Foreign Policy.  That is the State Department’s job as directed by the President of the United States.  Moron.

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WSJ Behind The Curve…Again…

WSJ Behind The Curve…Again…

Saturday, April 07, 2007 3:18 AM

The WSJ has asked:

Illegal Diplomacy

Did Nancy Pelosi commit a felony when she went to Syria?

WHAT?  We bloggers have been saying this since the plan was announced!!  GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!

However, it IS a good article…Logan Act and all,previously reported by MANY of us.

3-Years For Pelosi!!

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may well have committed a felony in traveling to Damascus this week, against the wishes of the president, to communicate on foreign-policy issues with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The administration isn’t going to want to touch this political hot potato, nor should it become a partisan issue. Maybe special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, whose aggressive prosecution of Lewis Libby establishes his independence from White House influence, should be called back.

The Logan Act makes it a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to three years for any American, “without authority of the United States,” to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government’s behavior on any “disputes or controversies with the United States.” Some background on this statute helps to understand why Ms. Pelosi may be in serious trouble…”

However, there are no men left in Washington.  They are all PC’d into wussiness and afraid of their own shadows.  More than likely, nothing will come of this.

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Censure the Leftinistra

Censure the Leftinistra

Friday, April 06, 2007 11:10 PM

Put Up Or Shut Up!!

Where are ALL the men in DC?  Out washing dishes or what?  Are you men or mice?  Squeak up!!!

Expulsion, Censure, Reprimand, and Fine: LegislativeDiscipline in the House of Representatives


The House of Representatives is expressly authorized within the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 5, clause 2) to discipline or “punish” its own Members. This authority of the institution of the House to discipline a Member for “disorderly Behaviour” is in addition to any criminal or civil liability that a Member of the House may incur for particular misconduct, and is a device or procedure designed not so much as merely a punishment of the individual Member, but rather ultimately as a measure to protect the institutional integrity of the House of Representatives, its proceedings and its reputation.

Congressional discipline of a Member by the House of Representatives is done by the House itself, without the necessity of Senate concurrence, and may take several forms. The most common forms of discipline in the House are now “expulsion,” “censure,” or “reprimand,” although the House may also discipline its Members in others ways, including fine or monetary restitution, loss of seniority, and suspension or loss of certain privileges. In addition to such sanctions imposed by the full House of Representatives, the standing committee in the House dealing with ethics and official conduct matters, the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, is authorized by House Rules to issue a formal Committee reproach in the form of a “Letter of Reproval” for misconduct which does not rise to the level of consideration or sanction by the entire House of Representatives. Additionally, such Committee has also expressed its disapproval of conduct in informal letters and communications to Members.

The House may generally discipline its Members for violations of statutory law, including crimes; for violations of internal congressional rules; or for any conduct which the House of Representatives finds has reflected discredit upon the institution.  Thus, each House of Congress has disciplined its own Members for conduct which has not necessarily violated any specific rule or law, but which was found to breach its privileges, demonstrate contempt for the institution, or which was found to discredit the House or Senate. When the most severe sanction of expulsion has been employed in the House, however, the conduct has historically involved either disloyalty to the United States Government, or the violation of a criminal law involving the abuse of one’s official position, such as bribery.

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Impeach Pelosi

Impeach Pelosi

Friday, April 06, 2007 11:03 PM

I wonder if there are any men left in DC, especially in our Congress and any of the other branches of Government.

Clearly and, once again, a Leftinistra has overstepped their bounds and not one coward will  stand up to IT.


Are there no men left in Washington?  Or are they all cowards?  (Where have we heard those questions before?)

The Logan Act

Conducting Foreign Relations

Without Authority: The Logan Act


The Logan Act, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953, states:

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.  This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.  There appear to have been no prosecutions under the Act in its more than 200 year history.  However, there have been a number of judicial references to the Act, and it is not uncommon for it to be used as a point of challenge concerning dealings with foreign officials. Although attempts have been made to repeal the Act, it remains law and at least a potential sanction to be used against anyone who without authority interferes in the foreign relations of the United States.

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Congress Corrupts The Weak

Congress Corrupts The Weak

Friday, April 06, 2007 2:19 PM

Why is that?  What happens there?  Is there a secret room that some walk through and if the Weak Light comes on they are whisked away and their common sense is removed?

For example…

Congressman Joe Sestak Is Raising Money For CAIR…why is that?

“Why is a
US Congressman helping to raise money for an American Islamic organization of which nearly a dozen associates have verified connections to terrorism?…”

This is a  pretty easy question to answer…IT is a Leftinistra, plain and simple.

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Aid and Comfort To The Wrong People?

Aid and Comfort To The Wrong People?

Friday, April 06, 2007 12:31 PM

What in the world are our Soldiers up to?  Don’t they know that the only ones we are to lend aid and comfort to are our enemies?

Lending Aid and Comfort
BAGHDAD – Scenes of anticipation could be observed early March 29 outside the Al-Swaib school in the farmland in the Iraqi capital’s Radwiniyah district, near the Baghdad International Airport. Iraqi residents gathered in lines along the wall near the gate while coalition trucks and Soldiers were on the ground searching the area and welcoming the local residents.

Care Packages?
BAGHDAD-Humanitarian assistance packages were delivered to displaced families at the Al Salaam Neighborhood Advisory Council by Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers March 29

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17 Terrorists Removed From Circulation

17 Terrorists Removed From Circulation

Friday, April 06, 2007 12:16 PM

A Job Well Done…AGAIN!!

Coalition Forces captured 17 suspected terrorists Thursday morning during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices cells.

During an operation in Southwest Baghdad, Coalition Forces captured a suspected VBIED cell leader and supplier of IED components.  The individual is reportedly involved in recent attacks against Coalition Forces.  Coalition Forces discovered a weapons cache while searching the suspect’s vehicle.  The vehicle and weapons cached were destroyed on site to prevent further use by terrorists.  Three other suspects were also detained during the operation.

In Karmah, 13 suspects were detained during two separate operations.  Six suspects were captured with alleged ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq and the facilitation of foreign fighters. Another seven were captured including a suspected weapons dealer reportedly involved in the sale and purchase of sniper rifles, automatic weapons, ammunition and bomb casings.  “Coalition Forces continue to tear apart the al-Qaida in Iraq network and VBIED cells,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson.

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