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Conspiritorial Falderal

Conspiritorial Falderal

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:21 PM

Recently, as I was surfing the plethora of news outlets of the universe (that Gore invented) (LOLOLOLOL!!),  I ran across an interesting place.  On the surface, this site was quite informative and I was agreeing with perhaps 90% of the texts written therein.  That’s when I got suspicious.  I can’t help it.  It is in my nature,  my blood, to be this way.  Being that way saved my life and others out “in the field”.

Then, I ran across a section of the site that just floored me and I was greatly disappointed.  The other data was still good but this casts a shadow of doubt as to the sincerity of the data in which I agreed with, as I said ealier, 90%.  The dubious section has to do with a Conspiracy Theory that has been debunked by “better” scientific data.  Not “better” in that it agreed with me but “better” in that the evidence was overwhelming obvious that this particular theory is off-base, wrong and fool hardy.

911 Was A Plot With U.S. Government Knowledge

Oh, brother…not another one.

This site, as many others, claim they voted for GWB twice and were once skeptics as well and then prattle on how the government KNEW the infamous attacks were coming and LET it happen to justify the GWOT.

One word.  FRUITLOOPS.

If you have a hankering, visit the site.  It isn’t a raling diatribe like  others are but, the message is the same.

I have been in covert actions many times and the levels of secrecy are so tight, it would seem that leaks would not happen.  However, leaks happen.  Hiding a “plot” like this one is virtually impossible…nay…I dare say, totally impossible.

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