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A Soldier’s Perspective

A Soldier’s Perspective

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 5:58 AM

Where do we get these people?  And why does John Kerry come off calling them “dumb”?

This is a MUST read!!

A Soldier’s Perspective:

It is a long article but very much worth the time…if it bothers the Moonbats, it is OK fine in my book!!



“…This is why the Gathering of the Eagles is so important. These people only THINK they’re supporting the troops. If you want our country out of the war in Iraq, say so and leave it at that. Don’t do it “for the troops”, especially if that’s the ONLY thing you’re “doing for the troops”. Just do it because those are your beliefs and values. You don’t speak for me. But, anytime Code Pink or ANSWER or Out of Iraq Now! wants to bring me boxes of goodies to mail to our troops, I’ll accept them (after inspecting the packages for arsenic, anthrax, explosive materials, and needles in chocolate). And they’ll have gained a little of my respect.”

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